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Sleep Apnea Clinic: Get The Sleep You’ve Always Dreamed Of with Saskatoon CPAP

As the leading sleep apnea clinic, Saskatoon CPAP is dedicated to sleep apnea testing, identification, treatment and providing equipment to improve the health and lives of those suffering from sleep apnea.

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Sleep apnea can be a scary disorder to experience. Have you experienced warning signs such as loud snoring, unusual daytime sleepiness, abrupt awakenings, dry mouth, difficulty concentrating and/or a morning headache? If you have or are unsure, request a home sleep apnea testing to find out if you have sleep apnea.

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The Essential Components of CPAP

Better Sleep Now
Better Sleep Now

Sleep Apnea Treatment is Our #1 Priority

Trust 30+ years of Respiratory Health Experience. We offer you the most professional advice from a respectable place built on understanding.

We’re the only local Saskatchewan-owned company committed to sleep apnea solutions in Saskatoon. We also service Warman, Martensville, Clavet, Dalmeny, Langham, Vanscoy and Delisle. We provide sleep apnea service and home sleep testing to all the listed towns and cities and we sell equipment all across Saskatchewan.

Our customer service and commitment to you are unrivalled at Saskatoon CPAP. We are committed to working individually with you and our skilled staff can answer all questions and concerns.

Put Your Health First By Investing In Proper CPAP Treatment

Being the leading sleep apnea clinic in Saskatoon, we recommend investing in proper CPAP therapy can protect you against health risks and improve your daytime energy, concentration, and your physical & emotional health.

What Our Customers Are saying

Returning customer and I am so impressed that they took the time to explain things and helped me solve some minor issues.

Saskatoon CPAP Customer

Excellent and prompt service ordered on Tuesday late afternoon and I received my mask on Wednesday morning in Weyburn, less than 24hrs later!

Saskatoon CPAP Customer

Saskatoon CPAP provides exceptional service to my family members requiring a CPAP machine. We are very grateful to have access to this service.

Saskatoon CPAP Customer

I had issues with that cushion and it turned out my mask was not being worn properly as I was never given instruction on the mask at the last place I purchased supplies. Great staff.

Saskatoon CPAP Customer

Very good for those who need CPAP machines or accessories, friendly staff!

Saskatoon CPAP Customer