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I think I have Sleep Apnea. Now what?

If you think you have sleep apnea, you probably have identified with 1 or more of these symptoms.

Do you experience any of the following symptoms:
- Loud snoring
- Breathing pauses when asleep
- Daytime sleepiness
- Morning headache
- Lack of energy
- Mood changes

In Saskatchewan there are 2 ways to get tested for Sleep Apnea.Your family doctor can refer you to a Saskatchewan based Respirologist, who can refer you to the Sleep Lab to have an official a polysomnography. SCS can provide a Home Sleep Test to identify the presence of Sleep Apnea. If you contact us we can arrange to request testing directly from your family doctor and have you booked for the Home Sleep Test as soon as possible.If you would like to discuss testing with your family doctor in person, you can take our request along to the appointment.

Home Sleep Tests will be interpreted by a Saskatchewan Sleep Specialist.

Sleep Testing FAQ

Q: I have Sleep Apnea. Now what?

If your home sleep test was positive, the good news is that Sleep Apnea can be easily treated. The most common and highly effective treatment for Sleep Apnea is PAP therapy.

PAP therapy is a non-invasive treatment that gently blows air into your nose and/or mouth to prevent your airway from collapsing while you sleep.

A compliment to a positive Home Sleep Test is an evaluation period on PAP therapy using a device that generates the positive air pressure. This highly engineered flow generator has algorithms that adjust the therapy to your needs (APAP). Your PAP therapy platform will include: a mask that you will wear nightly. A system that includes a heated humidifier and heated tubing to make your therapy more comfortable.

Saskatoon CPAP Services works alongside Saskatchewan Respirologists to have testing interpreted.After evaluation your results will be analyzed to determine the best treatment moving forward.

List the benefits of PAP therapy:
- Increase in daytime alertness
- Fewer morning headaches
- Increase in energy
- Improved memory
- Less waking at night to go to the bathroom
- Reduced irritabilityIncreased ability to exercise
- Improved overall Quality of life

Q:  I need PAP Therapy. What Now?

There are two basic options to continue your PAP therapy:

1. Once you have successfully completed your evaluation period you will need a device to continue your therapy.
SCS sells a range of models to meet your needs. Most patients that purchase PAP machines will choose the Auto PAP devices that automatically adjust to your specific therapy requirements.

Many people find that their Extended Health Benefits may reimburse for their PAP therapy equipment. SCS will be more than happy to supply you with a quote. We suggest you contact your Extended Health Benefits provider to find out about your specific plan coverage.Patients can purchase their PAP devices immediately after their evaluation return appointment so there is no break in treatment.

2. SAIL Respiratory Benefits Program:
Saskatchewan residents may be eligible for the SAIL Resp Bens Program. This is a program provided by Saskatchewan Government that will supply the basic flow generator (CPAP) at a subsidized program fee to patients that meet the criteria for SAIL. For those patients that choose to proceed, the Saskatchewan Respirologist will contact the patient once all out testing is complete, to book an in-person consultation at which time the Saskatchewan Respirologist can submit for the SAIL CPAP machine.SCS work along side Saskatchewan Respirologist to interpret all test results.

How to use the ApneaLink™ Air Home Sleep Testing Device

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