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AirTouch™ F20 Full Face Mask by ResMed

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The AirTouch F20 full face CPAP mask has the UltraSoft memory foam cushion that provides a light breathable seal for comfort and performance.

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Product Information

The AirTouch brings a whole new level of comfort to Full-Face CPAP masks.The memory foam cushion provides the ultimate in softness against a user’s face. Coupled with all the technology from the successful F20 platform, this UltraSoft mask provides unparalleled comfort.‍

Product Features

All the best features from the AirFit F20 series including magnetic clips on headgear and convenient QuietAir removable elbow.

The unique memory foam cushion not only conforms to the face but provides arguably the softest cushion on the market.

Please note this cushion cannot be washed or submerged in water. CPAP wipes should be used instead to remove facial oils.

Magnetic Clips: The F20 headgear connects to the mask frame using magnetic headgear clips. The magnetic

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