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Airfit ™ P10

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$ 136.00 CAD

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The P10 pillow mask has a simplistic design with minimal parts, which seals effectively while contacting less of your face.

Package includes:

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Product Information

Recognized as the simplest, minimalist and most popular pillow mask.

When it comes to nasal pillow masks, who could dislike like the AirFit P10? Three simple parts that are easy to fit, use and clean – this mask has no substitute. The flexible pillows and headgear fit almost anyone and provide a comfortable and secure feeling. P10 sold with sm, med and lg cushion. P10 For Her sold with xs, sm and med cushions.

Product Features

Minimalist simplicity with three simple parts – the headgear, cushion and frame.

A convenient hose extension to allow for movement in sleep.

The diffuser removes exhaled air effectively with minimal breeze and very little sound.

Cushions clip in and out for easy cleaning.

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