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CPAP Accessories

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Online prices do not reflect in-store pricing. For in-store prices please call Saskatoon CPAP Services. Learn more here.

Saskatoon CPAP Services offers different pricing for online and in-store orders. Online purchases do not include services that are included with in-store purchases, see list below:

- Customer Service: The ability to speak directly to a representative for advice about products and services
- Experienced and knowledgeable staff
- Product Information
- Product comparison
- Mask fittings
- 30 Day Mask Satisfaction Guarantee
- Mask exchanges
- Ongoing Therapy Support
- Education
- Troubleshooting
- Follow Up
- Wireless Monitoring
- Machine Purchase includes advanced and personal settings
- Machine Purchase includes Remote Assist
- Download reports provided to doctor by request
- Same-day warranty replacements for machines and accessories

- Savings
- None of the services listed above

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CPAP Accessories

AirFit F20 Headgear

This headgear is available in three sizes Small, Medium and Large and comes with Magnet Clips. This headgear also works with the AirTouch.

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Resmed AirSense 10/S9 CPAP Filters 3 pk

These filters fit both the Resmed AirSense 10 and the Resmed S9 CPAP machines. 3-pack of filters.

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ResMed SlimLine CPAP Tubing

Standard CPAP hose. 6 foot 6 inch length with each end featuring standard 22mm ID fitting to fit any CPAP mask or CPAP Machine.

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ResMed AirSense 10 ClimateLine Air

Made for the ResMed AirSense 10 model CPAP/APAP/VPAP units. 6 foot 6 inch climate control heated hose connects to the integrated heated humidifier and features a standard 22mm ID end with thermostat to attach to any CPAP mask.

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ResMed Chin Strap

A single strap chin strap with Velcro adjustment and soft chin cup marked to aid in reapplying consistently. Helps secure mouth from opening with the use of a nasal mask.

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Frequently Asked Questions for CPAP Accessories

How do you use a chin strap with a CPAP mask?

A chin strap can be effective for CPAP users who have difficulty with mouth their opening. The strap works to hold the jaw and help keep the mouth closed. This may  prevent a dry mouth or a sore throat after sleeping. Make sure that your chin strap is properly adjusted to your head to get optimal results.   

How do I clean my CPAP hose?

Disconnect the hose from your mask and CPAP machine, then wash the inside and outside of the air tubing with mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean running water.

Why is my CPAP hose gurgling?

Gurgling occurs when the air travelling through the hose of your CPAP device is warmer than the temperature of your room. The air cools and forms a build-up of condensation. You can prevent this by increasing the temperature of your heated hose. If you do not have a heated hose you could decrease the level on your humidifier but you will also decrease humidity for therapy. Optimizing the temperature of your room ay help somewhat.

How to change the filter of my CPAP Machine?

CPAP filters can be changed as often as one time per month. The location of the filters will depend on the make and model of your CPAP machine. Simply swap out the old filters for a new one. If you have a timer prompt press the reset button to reset the filter timer.

How do I replace my mask cushion?

The cushions on your CPAP mask should be replaced every 3 months. This also includes nasal cushions. Replacing your mask cushion is very easy, however; the placement(method) depends on which type of mask you have. We offer mask cushions for purchase online and in-store.

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